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The Full Story

About Us

We love to tell people we are sisters.  We are actually sister-in-laws but Jenn was 10 years old when I married Jenn's brother Rob, and we have had a bond of sisters ever since.  We can often complete each other sentences and that is just one of the things that make us a great team! 


Meet Jenn 

I am Jenn, one half of the team. I feel fortunate to work with my Sista (sister-in-law) while capturing weddings. I am also so excited to be the sole photographer of lifestyle/portrait sessions for Special Treasures Photography.  I am a Joy seeker, who loves paying attention to the candid moments and details of weddings or sessions. I am a momma to two beautiful children and a puppy dog Duke. I am happily married to my partner Keith. Besides photography, I am an early childhood educator, and I have a passion for poetry and music. 


I fell in love with photography in high school and I can still remember my first self portrait. Oh how I analyzed everything about it! I loved working in the dark room and now I equally enjoy editing in Lightroom and Photoshop. So many photographers find it tedious, but I LOVE the editing process!  When Lisa asked me to join the team , 18 or more years ago, I was so nervous. I decided to take classes and I can honestly say it took me several years to find my own style. Once I trusted my passion and my knowledge, everything came together. Now, I strive to find the hidden gem moments in ever session I do and it gives me great JOY to deliver photographs that represent who people are, and the vision they have.  

Meet Lisa

Hi, I am Lisa, I am one half of this awesome sister duo, and I am so happy to meet you!  I love everything about weddings!!  I mean how can you not love a love story!

In 1997 I married the love of my life, who just happened to be Jenn's brother Rob, and Jenn and I have been sisters ever since.  What started out as a side hustle for us has turned into a dream job and 17 years later we are still loving every minute of it!   

Rob and I have 3 amazing kids who have all left home now to pursue their dreams and I could not be more proud of each of them. When I am not working, I enjoy my time with Rob golfing and spending time with friends who are just as special as family!


My love of photography goes all the way back to high school where I was one of the year book photographers.  I fell in love with photography after my dad gave me a Nikon F1, and would spend hours wandering around taking photos.

Cool fact about me is I got to take yearbook photos of Alanis Morrisette because we attended the same high school!



While I will always be a travel addict (especially if there is a beach and sun) as well as a lover of wine and mojitos, I do have another dream job which is officiating weddings...I told you I love a love story!!!

If you are looking for a non-religious marriage officiant, please reach out!  I would love to chat!

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